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Through the years, Sargasso Marine Service has taken of hundreds of Brons engines under its custody. We are experienced with current and lesser current types. Whether it concerns D, E, TL, GB, GV and TD types or types derived of those: we take good care of Brons-engines.


Broken components or a complete revision, Sargasso Marine Service is there for you when it concerns small or mayor maintenance of your Brons-engine. For more complex tasks we have a modern workshop at our disposal. Within Europe, we also perform reparations and maintenance work with our service-bus. In this bus we have every tool and practically all current spare-parts at our disposal.


Sargasso Marine Service has a large number of Brons components in stock. Many spare-parts, also for older engines, are therefore directly available. It may occur that some spare-parts can not be supplied immediately. Lesser current components are on request deliverable.


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